High secutity bolt lock

Mod. 1PLUS

Surface-mounted bolt lock with round high-security cylinder and latch lock opening button.

Cylinder length: 50 mm.

6-pin cylinder and stainless steel springs.


Anti-drilling protection plate.

Highly resistant to extraction and breakage.

Anti-bumping system.

Includes ownership card and 5 coded drilled keys.

Model 10080 key blank.

More Information
Code: 22021
Packing: 1ud.
Pieces / Carton: 110
Measure: 90 x 154 mm
Material: Steel
Finish: Brass 6 painted
EAN box: 8413023220218
EAN carton: 8413023920217
Box measures: 10,000 x 17,000 x 12,500 cm
Carton measures: 53,000 x 19,000 x 27,000 cm
Billing unit: UNIT
BoxWeight : 1,470kg